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InnoCarnival 2012

  • exhibition-period-icon Event Date 3 – 11 November 2012
  • exhibition-venue-icon Venue Phase II, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin

Apart from showing professors’ research projects, this year, we showcased three award-winning projects which were developed by undergraduate students from Engineering and/or Science Faculty. The students prepared demos and manned the booth themselves; they gained appreciation and encouragement from the visitors.

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Project List

Project Title

Project Investigator



Prof. XU Yang Sheng

Dept. of Mechanical and Automation Engineering

Structure-based Drug Design Targeting Helicobacter pylori

Prof. WONG Kam Bo

School of Life Sciences

A Novel Approach for the Non-invasive Diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer

Prof. YU Jun

Dept. of Medicine & Therapeutics

Healthy Eating Info Site

Ms. YIP Pui Sze Peggy

School of Life Sciences

* Chinese Sign Language Recognition and Translation System

Mr. CHAN Chun Kit, Mr. LIU Ruifeng, Mr. SHU Jianfei

Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering

* ChoriColight


Dept. of Chemistry

* Chow! Task Manager

Mr SUNG Hoi, Mr. LO Wing Sum

Dept. of Chemistry, Dept. of Electronic Engineering

A Software Toolkit for Rapid Development of Interactive 3D Web Applications

Prof. HENG Pheng Ann

Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering

Sign Language App

Prof. TANG Wai Lan Gladys

Centre for Sign Linguistics & Deaf Studies

Interocular Distance Measurement and Axis Tracking Engine (IDMATE) for 3D Superimposition Perception

Prof. LYU Rung Tsong Michael

Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering

Learning Villages

Prof. JONG Siu Yung Morris

Dept. of Curriculum & Instruction

Ultrafast Optical Modulation for Optical Communications

Prof. LIU Renbao

Dept. of Physics

* Undergraduate students’ award-winning project

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