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Easy-to-Setup Smart Counter Assignment System

Project Quick Facts

Principal Investigator

  • Prof. CHENG Chun Hung

    Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management

  • Funding

    Innovation and Technology Commission

  • Collaboration

    Hong Kong International Airport,

    Hong Kong R&D Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Enabling Technologies

Flexible System for facilitating service counter operations with ad hoc queue line setting

At transit hubs such as airports or on occasions like exhibitions, arts/sports/entertainment festivals, going through service counters is a key step for visitors to acquire the subsequent services. Often, temporal queues are set up with different number of service counters and queue configurations at various time periods for different service providers in a common shared environment. Commercially available counter assignment systems require equipment installation process commonly supported by relevant building and cabling infrastructure work, hence cannot serve the ad-hoc nature of the above circumstances.

Our flexible, portable, wireless, self-contained, and easy-to-setup Counter Assignment System is designed to fit different queue settings and cross-queue operational needs, allowing smooth service counter operations in all different occasions.

Uniqueness and Competitive Advantages:

  • Any Queue, Any Time, Any Where:

    • Easy to set up
    • No network or power cabling
    • Linking different set of service counters as needed
    • Easy to configure relative directional signals based on ad-hoc queue exit
    • Supporting cross-queue operations as needed

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