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Multi-functional Prosthetic

Project Quick Facts

Principal Investigator

  • Prof. LAU Tat Ming Darwin

    Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering

The project designed a multi-functional prosthetic to fit users’ daily needs. The new design is equipped with a custom made “adapter” which is firmly screwed to the stump and allow quick change of various kind of “tools” to accomplish daily tasks; for example, a extender used to imporve contect angle of violin bow to string, and a spatula or spoon used for cooking. A function-based prosthetic is more practical and cost-effective. Thus, “function” will be  the primary consideration.

The project proposed to install more flexible and precise movement by adding a motor onto the prosthetic or even making automated adjustments to angles by tracking users’ movements.

The computer rendering images of the adapter (top left), tool for playing cards(top right) attaching to the prosthetic and the tool for holding the bow (bottom).
Amputees can use the prosthetic with a spatula attached for cooking.
Prof. LAU shows the latest design of the prosthetic with a convertible adaptor.
The prosthetic can give easier control of the strokes of the bow to play beautiful and harmonic violin music.

Uniqueness and Competitive Advantages:

  • Low cost
  • Light material
  • Practical and cost-effective

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