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Intelligent Magnetic Anchored and Guided Endoscope for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Project Quick Facts

Principal Investigator

  • Prof. LI Zheng

    Department of Surgery

  • Funding

    Research Grants Council, Innovation and Technology Commission

  • Collaboration

    Multi-scale Medical Robotics Center

  • Patent

    1 US patent accepted and 1 China patent granted

  • Award

    Gold Award, EMedic Global 2019
    Bronze Award, International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva 2021

Conventional laparoscopes are not suitable for minimally invasive surgery as they limit the surgeon’s field of view and may collide with other instruments. They also occupy much port space and hence bigger incision or additional port is required. Concerning these problems, the project has developed an intelligent magnetic anchored and guided endoscope. The system included a robot arm that controls an external magnet above the patient’s chest. The endoscope staying just beneath the chest wall is guided by the magnetic force, providing multiple perspectives for surgeons. An A.I. assisted instrument detection allows this system to track the surgeon’s tools. Surgeons can work intuitively without worries of endoscope control.

The magnetic anchored endoscope design 3d model (Left); prototype (Right)
The robotic magnet controller (Left); illustration of magnetic actuation principle (Right)
Lung wedge resection successfully performed using the system. Test completed inside a human chest simulator
A.I. assisted instrument detection, comparing performance of human (left) and machine (right). Both the single instrument (a) and double instruments (b) cases were explored

Uniqueness and Competitive Advantages:

  • More freedom inside patient and better views for surgeons
  • Autonomous instrument tracking
  • Avoids port crowding, ideal for single port surgery
  • Prevents collision with other instruments
  • Multiple cameras (multi-view of surgical target)

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