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Portable Laser-vibration Therapeutic Device

Project Quick Facts

Principal Investigator

  • Prof. QIN Ling

    Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology

  • Mr. ZOU Li

    Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology

  • Funding

    Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities (TSSSU)

  • Collaboration

    Accukit Technology Ltd.

  • Patent


  • Award

    “Best Presentation Award for Young Investigator” in the 8th WACBE World Congress on Bioengineering


This is a portable laser-vibration therapeutic device which is small and light-weight (170g). It has three critical treatments. The core technologies covered three conservative treatments of retrogression: laser therapy, vibration, heat therapy.

  1. Laser therapy: High range laser and low range laser which can provide low-level laser therapy.
  2. Vibration: provide physical therapy and strengthen musculoskeletal joints.
  3. Heat therapy: The temperature is maintained around 42 degree Celsius, recommended by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, for medical rehabilitation.

All these treatment’s components are integrated into the percussion head which can increase the treatment efficiency more effectively.

Problem to be solved:

Population ageing has become a serious issue in Hong Kong and among the world. Many elderly suffer from different health problems, such as arthritis and joint pain. They really need a portable and user-friendly therapeutic device which can help them to relieve pain and conduct simple treatment at any time.


Rehabilitation for various body parts, and it can tackle pain relief and treatment of suboptimal health.

  1. Low level laser therapy (LLLT)
    • Tissue repair
    • Elimination of inflammation
    • Pain relief
  1. Heat therapy
    • Promotion of blood circulation
    • Pain relief
  1. Vibration therapy
    • Pain relief
    • Promotion of lymphatic circulation and metabolism

Target Users:

Elderly, individuals who suffer from sport injury and individuals who are in sub-health state

The LLLT and heat therapies’ components are all integrated into the percussion head.
The size of therapeutic device is 101X57X28mm and the weight is 170g.
The USB port for charging is on the right hand side. There are two switches on the back: LLLT and Heat; Vibration.

Uniqueness and Competitive Advantages:

Compare to the existing therapeutic devices.

  1. It combines three therapies: Low level laser therapy (LLLT), vibration and heat therapy. And all are integrated into the percussion head.
  2. The core technology is collaborated by industry and faculty of medicine (CUHK), the technologies developed by engineers, doctors, professors and therapist, so the results are promised.
  3. The application of CFDA and patent are processing.
  4. The size is smaller and lighter than a smart phone (170g only), which is a portable and user friendly therapeutic device.
  5. It is rechargeable, so that the treatment can be done at any time.
  6. The shape is designed base on human engineering and looks like a mouse which is comfortable to hold it.
  7. Others:
    • Have two or single therapy only
    • Many of their effectiveness are not proved
    • Relatively bulky
    • Need the power plug-in during usage

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