Project Quick Facts

Principal Investigator

  • Mr. CHIU Tsz Lok

    Department of Information Engineering


  • Miss TSANG Hiu Tung

    School of Design, HK PolyU

  • Award

    Cyberport Creative Micro Fund; Pi Centre Startup Award Scheme, CUHK

Early childhood years are fundamentally important for child’s physical and intellectual growth. According to the statistics of Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children and The Education University of Hong Kong, over 20,000 kindergarten students suffer from developmental disorders due to parents’ lack of awareness. In view of this situation, we develop a mobile application, namely BB Guide, providing parents an all-round assessment tool for child development. Our contents are thoroughly evaluated by professional consultants, including speech therapist, occupational therapist, pediatrician and CUHK professor.

Uniqueness and Competitive Advantages:

  • We provide checklists for tracking child development progress based on 4 areas: (1) Motion, (2) Cognition, (3) Social, (4) Language.
  • Parents can easily record child’s height, weight and head circumference, and generate a health profile.
  • Based on the child’s age, data collected and user behaviors, we offer personalized recommendations, such as informative articles and interactive activities, updated weekly for parents to facilitate child development.
  • Once a child is suspected having developmental problem, BB Guide will promptly alert the parents and recommend related specialists for further follow-ups.

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