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HerBChain – A Blockchain-based Informative Platform for Quality Assurance of Herbal Products

Project Quick Facts

Principal Investigator

  • Prof. SHAW Pang Chui

    School of Life Sciences

  • Collaboration

    HerBChain Co., Limited

    Li Dak Sum Yip Yio Chin R & D Centre for Chinese Medicine of CUHK

    Modernized Chinese Medicine International Association Ltd

In order to enhance the quality control of herbal products and promote the development of herbal industry, we have developed an one-stop information platform – HerBChain for recording the processes from the growth of herbs to the marketing of the herbal products using Blockchain technology. HerBChain covers different ‘node’ including planting base, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) processing factory, TCM manufacturing factory, distributor, retailer and laboratory or Testing centre.  Apart from providing quality control information, it aims at facilitating online and offline transactions. This makes HerBChain a reliable and convenient  quality control platform for the herbal industry.

「HerBChain」Mobile APP - For retrieving data
Details of a Herbal Product
「 HerBChain」Online Platform - For data entry

Uniqueness and Competitive Advantages:

  • A one-stop platform aims at providing information on quality control of herbal products
  • All the data entered into the blcokchain-based information platform cannot be altered or deleted, leaving no chance for manipulation.
  • To ensure herbal products to be Source tracking, Whereabouts verification and Responsibility affixing
  • The platform is operated in a non-profit manner to ensure impartiality and credibility.
  • In collaboration with various strategic partners to provide different service; e.g. facilitating online and offline transactions
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